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About the Author

When I started writing at thirteen years old, I had finally found a way to let out the stories I had always made up in my head. Admittedly, those stories were mostly fanfiction of quality that was questionable at best, but everyone starts somewhere. Improvement in anything is all about time and practice.

Over fifteen years and a few million words later, I'm still improving, and writing continues to be what I love to do. 

Aside from that, I'm a music lover, an animal lover--most especially cats--and lover of rainy days and winter weather as long as there's a warm blanket around. Still, for the most part, when I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. Whether it's planning plot lines, editing drafts, or creating characters, it's a way to always keep my mind spinning. I'd love to try writing just about any genre, but my favorites are of the YA contemporary variety. It's my wheelhouse. The realistic, slice-of-life kind of stories have a way of making the characters in them pop, and I adore that feeling.

Through writing and reading, anyone can experience countless lives, and telling the stories of characters to the people who want to hear them has to be the most rewarding part.

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