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Every Mo a WriMo: April 2018

I've participated in NaNoWriMo in November and its Camp NaNo equivalents since 2009. I'm no stranger to the process and I do really love it. But I write all the time. I don't wait until November to get work done. As far as I'm concerned, every Mo is a WriMo.

So blog posts I make about NaNoWriMo will be under that series. Because every month is a writing month. You may not get 50k words out every month, but that doesn't have to be the point.

Especially in the April and July sessions of Camp NaNoWriMo. These months are built to set your own kind of goal, and it's a good way to train writers into setting their own goals every month!

This month, and for the past month too, I'm working through my most recent edits on my draft of BH. Last editor had a lot of comments and revisions to work through, most of them super helpful. Some of the edits are trickier to implement than others, but that's just the nature of the beast.

With first drafts of a new story, it's easy to set a certain word count as a goal. When it comes to later drafts and edits, I thought a page count goal might be more appropriate.

As of today I have 53 pages left of this round of edits on BH. So that's my goal for the month. With any luck, I'll just blow past it and be able to either work on design and format of HaWA or another draft of edits on SiO.

No matter what, it's a matter of keeping it up.

Keep writing. Always keep writing.

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