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Mourning Gloria's Book Trailer!

I've watched quite a few book trailers in the past to get a feel of what they're like, and the more I watched the more I thought about how I wanted to do something different. A lot of book trailers I've seen could have just as easily been movie trailers, which is great! But books aren't movies.

Books are about the writing. The only way you can portray a character, plot, setting, anything in a book is with words. There is nothing visual to be gained from a camera angle or an actor's expression. The reader is your cameraman. And how well the actor's act depends entirely on how well an author wrote their characters.

With this book trailer, I wanted to focus on what differentiates a book from other pieces of creative art by highlighting the words. At the same time, having a trailer gives you the added bonus of visual and aural interest. It allows the freedom to convey words from the book with a theme through colors and mood and music. (Kevin MacLeod is the awesome one behind the music, by the way. Big fan of the moods he can produce)

With that, here's Mourning Gloria's book trailer! I hope everyone finds it as much fun to watch as it was to put together. The book will be out September 4th, and every little teaser gets me more excited to share it!

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