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This is the page to see everything I'm working on all in one place. Click on the links of the completed and available books to open up pages where you can purchase them. Alongside finished works, you'll see the ones that are coming in soon and check their progress. This spot will be updated as they're written, titled, edited, and designed right up to the release dates--giving you the chance to enjoy what's here and look forward to what's to come.

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Mourning Gloria

YA Contemporary

ISBN-13: 978-1978159631

Gloria Westerly doesn't have a friend in the world before moving to Century City. Though living with her aunt on the property of the wealthy family she works for is odd, stranger still is the mansion’s only occupant. While there is certainly a story to the Rigby’s son, Adam, Gloria is distracted entering her final year of high school when she meets the carefree troublemaker, Edge Rider. Like Adam, Edge can tell there's more to Gloria under the surface. If anyone can dig deep enough to understand her past trauma, it would be Edge. And maybe she'd like him to try. However, Gloria has no way of knowing that getting closer to him means stepping into a feud between friends; one centered around Adam Rigby and Edge's legal guardian, Jet Veron. Adam warns Gloria to get out while she can, but it's too late. She's already in.

Half a World Away

New Adult Romance

Evalie Winters had an average past—a nice education majoring in photography and her very best friend as a college roommate… But her life now is far from average because she has a secret. She is married to a pop star. Chase Winters lives for the music, but he doesn’t want to drag Evalie into too bright a spotlight, so he is forced to live a double life. The one for the public and press, and the private one of a happily married man. With frequent tours and meddling management, the young couple finds the separation difficult. But are the moments in between special enough to keep their love burning strong?

In Design


Terrified of being trapped in Hillcrest like everyone else, Trina jumps at the only chance she sees to escape—desperate for a life in a city where she might belong. But lack of preparation lands her out of gas and out of money, avoiding the wave of contact from her black hole of a hometown. With no place to stay and nowhere to go, luck takes pity on her when a passing woman leaves her with a hundred dollars cash and a business card before disappearing into the streets. Totally lost but scared to admit it, Trina seeks out the mysterious woman while others seek to bring her home.

In Editing

YA Novella

Sierra Adler’s best friendship with Stella Slater is crumbling, and the only person close enough to confide in lives on the opposite side of the country. Andrew Robertson, a charming art school graduate, has captured Sierra’s heart and attention without ever even showing his face. Online, they communicate through daily emails and messaging apps, and that’s all it takes for a strong bond and mutual attraction. But outside their computer screens, their real lives wait to disconnect them.

In Drafting


The young prince, Damien Decatur, had a choice to make. And he chose wrong. Doing so brought down the wrath of a powerful Enchantra, one of the feared people in tune with the world’s energy. Burdened with a horrific curse to see the living world around him die and decay, Damien watches his actions lead to war and bloodshed. It’s enough to make him flee his home, wrap his cursed eye, and try to live a new life in solitude. Only when he meets someone able to sense the Enchant on him is he forced to acknowledge who he once was. In doing so, in getting to know this new companion, Damien just might discover there was more to the Enchantra’s curse.

In Drafting

Romance Seasonal

Harper Montgomery, the star of the wildly popular children’s show ‘Holly Harper’s Happy House’, is getting overwhelmed by the pressure of being such a role model. Unsure when the course of her life took the turn that it did, she decides to retrace her steps to her hometown and the house she grew up in. It’s now inhabited by Ryan Leighton, a widower schoolteacher, and his young daughter, Demi. Getting involved with the small family might be just what she needs to set her life back on track, or it could only make it that much harder to return to it.

In Drafting

Historical LGBT+

William Sheridan has the life any man would dream of at the turn of the twentieth century; he’s married to a beautiful woman, has two lovely children, and is coming into the money of his wealthy family hoping to extend their business prospects overseas. Only one person in William’s perfect life knows the secret that makes it not what it seems. He is in love with his wife’s brother, Emmett. Seeking to run away to the land of the free, Emmett gets them all tickets to a new life in America. The little family couldn’t be more excited when they board the RMS Titanic, the unsinkable ship of dreams.

In Drafting


Stefan can only remember the last two years of his life. Not his family. Not his age. Not even his last name. Sick of waiting around for his memories, he leaves the city he woke up in to hunt them down on his own. He has no luck until the shadows of the only dreams he’s ever had keep him in one village long enough to witness a festival and the arrival of a group of intriguing Enchantra performers. Happenstance allows him to meet these people and spend time with them until news through the village cuts the celebration to a sobering halt. The Enchantra people don’t want to stay, but Stefan feels compelled to as it’s the closest he’s ever come to his missing memories.

In Drafting

YA Contemporary

As a bridal consultant, Tessa Carter lives in a world of weddings, and it’s a realm she’s always excelled in. Helping women suit up for their big day has never driven home the sharp point of her own single life, until each of her four best friends begin to get engaged all at the same time. Suddenly, the fact that she’s single sets her apart from the girls she’s closest to, and she can see the relationships she’s always depended on start to shift. As that happens, she faces a new reality in growing up. But how will the changing dynamic of her friends affect Tessa’s most important relationship—the one with herself?

In Drafting

Urban Fantasy

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