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First Look at Mourning Gloria's Cover!

Included in the first issue of the Wasatch Writers Fellowship's Inspired Writer magazine is the very first public reveal of the cover for Mourning Gloria!

Preview of the Inspired Writer Magazine

Wasatch Writers Fellowship is a wonderful community I've had the privilege of being involved in as much as I can be from 400 miles away. Between the weekly write-ins and the conferences they've held, there is an undeniable amount of camaraderie and support coming from the people involved and the people in charge.

This magazine is not only the first official reveal of Mourning Gloria's cover, but also includes an interview from yours truly about the inception of the book and some backstory on who I am as a writer.

I may post the interview itself here to my site later, but most of the fun is in the context of the magazine. So definitely check it out for the rest of its writer-ly content.

But! Since it's been publicly revealed, there's no reason I can't just post one beautiful shot of the cover right here!


Mourning Gloria's cover display

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