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Hello 2019

I already typed the wrong date in the title and had to do it again. That's generally how the first month of every year starts anyway, so that's par for the course! Happy New Year!

At the end/beginning of years, I typically like to write down how my goals from the previous year played out and what I want to accomplish in the coming one. This seems like the perfect place to do that! I need to write down more here anyway. Posting regular updates on anything has never quite been a strong suit of mine. So there's a goal to work on in 2019.

As for 2018, Mourning Gloria, my first novel, finally got released. And that was one major goal. Publishing that has been beyond incredible, and something that will mean so much to me forever--long after this passing year.

With other writing goals this year, I've always thought of 2018 as being a year of polish. It's not uncommon for me to focus energy on writing something new every year (and I did still tackle something new during November for NaNo), but always moving onto the next thing makes it harder to get other things I've worked on in better shape. So I've put the focus on existing projects this year instead. I managed to get HaWA, BH, SiO, and half of TCS through to their next drafts. There were only two existing manuscripts I didn't get to in time, and I do intend on tackling them next year along with finishing the new one I started in November..

With goals in 2018 going as well as they did, I look forward to diving right into 2019 ones!

- Post more consistently on this site. It's a habit I struggle with.

- Finish my 'for fun' novella before the end of May.

- Finish the last part of TDoE's first draft.

- Get TCS, HA, and CoaMN to their next drafts.

- Get HaWA ready to publish by next winter.

- Read at least 10 books (Finally got that Goodreads goal this year!)

- Start and finish the first draft of at least one of the other ideas I've got waiting in the wings.

I look forward to checking out this post a year from now to see how I did. Happy New Year to all! Get those goals in sight and work toward them with all you've got!

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