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So... that happened...

It's taken me a while to actually get to this. Possibly because it's still taking time to process.

When I wrote my goal post of 2020 and was struggling to wrap my head around the idea of a new decade... Yeah this wasn't what I had in mind.

This wasn't what anyone had in mind.

Still, strange and somewhat isolating as it all was, good happened in 2020 as well. If you're reading this post, you made it. And that's always incredible, but definitely in a year when a global pandemic wreaks havoc on everyone's life in some way. Making it through the year is an accomplishment. You should never beat yourself up too much about not reaching yearly goals, but this year especially. Everyone gets a pass. Still, that doesn't mean I can't look at the goals I wrote last year and see what happened. As well as look ahead to 2021. Italicized goals were completed!

  • Finish RB (I'd better do this given I only have the one chapter)

Because of the unending weirdness of this year, it took a bit to believe that I actually did finish RB in January and that somehow was this past year. But it happened!

  • Plan and get writing either AOWG or RoA. Fantasy, I've been itching for fantasy

This happened too! I planned out and wrote the first draft of AOWG entirely. Some more planning in RoA happened as well, and another book idea in the same series came to mind. In fact, three different new ideas occurred to me this year. So that is a creative boon I wasn't even going for.

  • Get HaWA ready to publish by the end of the year (a carryover goal)

...Nope. Honestly this one might need a little something more to it that I just haven't figured out yet, so I've been heavily focusing on other things instead.

  • Post more consistently on this website, we'll say once a month at least.

Still very bad at this. This is one I'll try again. Good to be going easy on myself through 2020.

  • Apply noted changes to books I read aloud in 2019 (SiO, TCS, HA, CoaMN)

I managed some of these. Especially TCS. That got a lot of progress done to it. CoaMN also got a few new perspectives that I can sort through as well!

  • Get TDoE read through enough to send to a first round beta.

This one is close enough to half-count. I didn't quite finish it by the end of the year, but I've made it to the last third of the book and that included a sizeable amount of rewrites that I realized were pretty necessary halfway through reading it.

And for less writing related goals:

  • Get my physical space more organized, and actually get rid of things occasionally. Imagine that.

Organizing the space went pretty well. Getting rid of things... less so. Partially because of the difficulty in leaving the house.

  • Maintain positivity in the face of external negativity I can't control

HAH. I think I did pretty okay-ish with this. Considering... circumstances. But it's just hilarious that this was on here.

  • Be the most helpful bridesmaid I can be in my best friend's wedding.

One of the BEST days of the year by far. Happy and safe and lovely beyond all reason. :D

  • A habit of yoga would be lovely.

That lasted for maybe a couple weeks in quarantine?

SO! That's done. I wash my hands of that madness. Now onto 2021 goals that will be good to focus on throughout the year.

  • Actually finish the TDoE rewrite so it's ready for betas

  • Write the first draft of something new. Current candidates include OFA, THQ, RoA, or maybe RoI. None of which are even on this site because they're so new.

  • Get at least three of my works in progress onto the next step they need. Likely including the other two books I read in 2019 and didn't get around to in 2020 (SiO and HA)

  • Seriously do need to post more consistently here. I've always struggled with this kind of thing. Blogs, journals, social media, consistent communication in general. Something to work on.

And a couple of less writing related goals as well:

  • Get vaccinated once the rollout reaches me and my (thankfully low) level of risk. Really do miss my friends. Haven't seen a lot of them since the wedding from last year's goal, and one I haven't seen since last January.

  • Continue the unending goal to organize and declutter. Maybe figure out how to actually sell some things I don't need.

  • Start and maintain at least one positive habit that doesn't have to do with writing--health, home, social, doesn't matter!

  • Learn and practice a new instrument I'm expecting to get in the mail today.

  • Practice a mantra from my favorite live action Disney movie remake I just saw for the first time this year: Have courage, and be kind.

And there we have it! We'll see what 2021 brings. Everybody's hoping for better after 2020, but everybody's gotta work for that in their own ways. The world doesn't change because the calendar does.

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