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Welcome to a New Decade! 2020

We're about a week into the New Year as I get this post written, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of 2020. It's kind of blowing my mind a little bit. But another way to stall having to think about it, is to review goals from last year and see how it all went! Italicizing the goals well done!

- Post more consistently on this site. It's a habit I struggle with.

So yeah, I still struggle with this one. This goal will have to continue into this year.

- Finish my 'for fun' novella before the end of May.

I did do this, and it ended up turning out just as fun and amazing as I had imagined. Printed versions of that novella made an awesome gift for each member of my favorite band when I met them. Most definitely a highlight of the year.

- Finish the last part of TDoE's first draft.

I believe it was nearly halfway through the year when I got this done. A very fitting project to cap off the decade considering the idea of it has been a thing since the beginning of the decade.

- Get TCS, HA, and CoaMN to their next drafts.

I would say this is done enough to italicize. Maybe I got them to the next half a draft stage. I was able to read through them all aloud this year, which can be very helpful and I highly recommend it. Awkward as it may be.

- Get HaWA ready to publish by next winter.

Not ready to publish yet, but closer than it was at the beginning of the year, so progress was made!

- Read at least 10 books (Finally got that Goodreads goal this year!)

Certainly managed this one, and look forward to going for it for a third year running!

- Start and finish the first draft of at least one of the other ideas I've got waiting in the wings.

I'm half italicizing this one partly due to semantics and partly technicality. One, I haven't quite finished it. I'm a chapter away. And two, this wasn't an idea waiting in the wings going into 2019. It's one I came up with during 2019 that boosted itself to the top of the queue somehow. So semantics and technicality--still counts in my book!

So a definite victory when it comes to goals in 2019 as far as I'm concerned. Not everything was accomplished, but most were, along with some unexpected things along the way. But what's any year without a bit of that.

But that was 2019, which is now over. So now it's time to get into 2020 and get some goals written down for that! And just like last year, we'll see what happens a year from now.

  • Finish RB (I'd better do this given I only have the one chapter)

  • Plan and get writing either AOWG or RoA. Fantasy, I've been itching for fantasy

  • Get HaWA ready to publish by the end of the year (a carryover goal)

  • Post more consistently on this website, we'll say once a month at least.

  • Apply noted changes to books I read aloud in 2019 (SiO, TCS, HA, CoaMN)

  • Get TDoE read through enough to send to a first round beta.

And for less writing related goals:

  • Get my physical space more organized, and actually get rid of things occasionally. Imagine that.

  • Maintain positivity in the face of external negativity I can't control

  • Be the most helpful bridesmaid I can be in my best friend's wedding.

  • A habit of yoga would be lovely.

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