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Writer in Quarantine

Coming in at the eleventh hour to get a post on here in March, but... this has been one weird March. What's happening in the entire world with the Covid-19 strain of the Coronavirus is easily one of the most mind-boggling things that will happen in my lifetime. It's strange and world changing, and to the majority of people, it's seriously changing routines they're accustomed to.

I'm not exactly one of those people. As an introverted writer with anxiety, 'social distancing' isn't exactly a new concept even if it is a new term. So quarantine, to me, looks a lot like my average day just with less ability to run errands and disheartening cancellations to visit friends.

But with all this happening, one really has to appreciate where we are with technology and connection. We're easily able to stay updated on everything happening via reputable websites online (CDC, most importantly), and we don't even have to be 'socially distant'. We're in a time where video calls and long distance communication and even streaming movies together from entirely different locations is beyond simple. We can stay connected, just not physically, and it's incredible to think how this kind of connectivity wasn't even remotely possible just twenty years ago.

But we're in this for the long haul still as we leave March and start into April. The first official Camp NaNoWriMo session is starting up, which I'll be participating in with two of my best friends from a very safe distance of about 300 miles. It's a great way to help each other stay motivated (and in some cases, sane) with everything as weird as it is.

So stay safe, wash hands, keep physically away from people when you can, and be creative. Everyone is going through this, but everyone is experiencing it differently. Every story about handling this situation matters and can help shape the future of where humanity goes from here.

So let's make it positive.

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