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Every Mo a WriMo: April Wrap-Up & May 2018

So my writing goal for April was to finish the last 53 pages remaining in the current draft of BH. Instead, I ended the month with 63 pages so I'll definitely consider that a win.

Once the draft of BH was finished, I wanted to jump into a new draft of SiO. At under 40k words, it's probably considered more a novella than a full-fledged novel. But because of its length, I have a feeling it will be more easily achievable in the month of May.

If I get it tackled and done with early, I'll have HaWA formatting to dive into while I ship SiO off to betas and editors. So much of writing is a waiting game that it's completely mandatory to have other projects going on at once.

If I had nothing writing related to work on every time I got stuck in a stage where I was waiting for something else on any given project, I would probably drive myself crazy.

Well, let's be real here, crazier than I already am. You can't be a writer and consider yourself completely normal--things just don't work like that.

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