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Every Mo a WriMo - End of April, Start of May

Here it is, the start of May. I wanted to get this post written and published on the first day since I'll be going out of town tomorrow to go to a good friend's wedding. Between that at the beginning, and a concert I'm really looking forward to at the end, May is going to be bookended in excitement, but that doesn't mean I don't need to get a lot of progress done in between.

I'll be giving the fan-made novella I wrote at the end of last year to the band I'll be seeing in concert. The copies of that I had printed turned out wonderful. This last month I printed a first test copy of my next book to be published, HaWA, and will be looking through that for necessary changes. A few already stood out right off the bat--like brightened colors on the front cover and smaller text on the back. But that's the beauty of proof copies is seeing what needs to be changed! I'm aiming for a winter release of this book, since it seems appropriate for the content. But we'll see how that develops in the meantime.

As for writing, two manuscripts didn't get my attention in 2018 for next round polishing, so I'll need to tackle those. In April, I finished the next draft of TCS and have now gotten that to two beta readers for more opinions and edits. But I need to actually finish the first draft of TDoE I've had in progress since last November. It's great that I always have a project to work on, but that can sometimes mean I put off projects I planned to prioritize.

It's the only real issue with having so many irons in the fire, and there are a lot of irons in my fire. Which might've sounded like some kind of innuendo, but it wasn't!

So, when it comes to May, I'm going to do my best to focus on TDoE. That's my first priority. Then will come implementing necessary changes from HaWA's proof copy. But that's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it.

I hope everyone reading this has a productive month to come!

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