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NaNoWriMo Wrap Up! 2019

So November has come and gone--with remarkable speed, might I add. Like the rest of the year. Hard to believe we're nearly to 2020. But I digress. With November over, so is NaNoWriMo.

And like most NaNos--almost all NaNos, really--it deviated quite drastically from what I expected going in. But in a very positive way this year! At the end of October, I didn't feel I had enough material in either of two book ideas to reach 50k, so I thought I'd try my hand at tackling them both at once. And it turned out I didn't even need to.

AOWG will get a different day in the sun, because this past month was all about RB. For the most part, it flowed like melting butter with 2k-3k word days until about the 40k mark when the running out of completely plotted material started to show itself. I managed about 1k per day at that point while trying to plot a chapter ahead of where I was at all times. Tricky process, but it got me to the goal a day or two early. Certainly haven't finished the book yet though, I'm guessing there is at least 10k left in here.

Makes me wonder if that actually happens. Do some participants somehow finish their novels just as they're reaching 50k? I've been doing these for ten years now and that's never been a thing. I tend to finish the drafts sometime in late December or January which will likely be how this one works as well.

Just in time to plan out my writing goals for 2020!

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