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Every Mo a WriMo: End July - Start August 2018

So July was quite a month. From a house re-plumbing job that took twice as long as scheduled to two different family member visits to the ER, there were a lot of curve balls that couldn't have been avoided.

But that doesn't mean I didn't make it a WriMo regardless!

July is the second session of Camp NaNo that happens twice a year. And I had set my project goal for finishing a proof and format read through that had 100 pages left. Once I finished that, I moved onto the next project in line. 2018 being the year of polishing has worked out very well so far. I do plan on starting a new manuscript in November, but the rest of the year being dedicated to furthering the seven I've got in various stages has done wonders for my WIPs.

Right now I'm working on outlining changes to the second draft of TCS. It's my first fantasy novel, and the more I get the hang of the genre, the more I can improve it. Especially with the helpful comments of one of my best beta readers.

That's a piece of writing advice I can't stress enough. Find other writers. They appreciate your kind of crazy and can provide an immeasurable amount of help and support.

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